Regina Street Ministry

Kim, DJ color       Rev. DJ Kim

In this past year Rev. Dongjoo Kim was called as Missionary at Large to serve as Regina Police Services Chaplain and to provide Regina street ministry. Rev. Kim’s duties include the following:

  • serve in the capacity of Police Chaplain for the Regina Police Service
  • carry out ministry to First Nations people by reaching out to students at The First Nations University and providing spiritual care and counseling to troubled people within the Regina community
  • carry out visitations to the Court Prison and the Regina Correctional Centre, and provide guidance and mentorship to those passing through the court system
  • work with the Anti-Gang Organization to provide counseling for people attempting to free themselves from gang activities

Over the course of the last several months, Rev. Kim has been busy with the Regina Police Service in carrying out his duties as Police Chaplain. This has included riding along in the police cruise once or twice a week, which provides Rev. Kim the opportunity to build relationships with both police officers and clients that they deal with while on shift. Rev. Kim has also become involved with the Critical Incident Support Management team and the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder training, as well as the Cultural Relations Unit of the RPS, which works with the first nation community. Rev. Kim also works with and provides one on one counseling for inmates at the Regina Correctional Centre. He has been striving to build relationships with students at the First Nations University.

The District has received generous financial support from several congregations and other auxiliaries within Lutheran Church-Canada for this important ministry.

If you wish to donate via monthly Electronic Fund Transfers, please contact the District Office by sending an email to