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Various Interesting Links


  • Lutheran Bible Translators –   The Mission of Lutheran Bible Translators of Canada is to help bring people to faith in Jesus Christ by making the Word of God available to those who do not yet have it in the language of their hearts.


  • Lutheran Association of Missionary Pilots – We believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ can heal and transform people and communities. LAMP has been providing spiritual witness and nurturing faith in communities in northern remote areas of Canada since 1970 through the ministry of pastor/ missionary/pilots, and short and long-term volunteers-in-mission. Each year over 5,000 children, youth and adults are impacted by the ministry of LAMP.


  • Malabar Mission Society – The Malabar Mission Society has provided financial support to the Pastors and Gospel Workers for their outreach ministry among the people along the Malabar coast in Kerala State, India, as well as Anantapur in Andra Pradesh State. The Gospel workers, pastors and evangelists, are part of the India Evangelical Lutheran Church (IELC). The Gospel workers, along with the churches and mission stations, form the Malabar Mission Circle. The Gospel workers and evangelists reach out to the Hindu and Muslim people through Vacation Bible Schools, Bible correspondence schools, reading rooms and medical institutions at Wandoor and Malappuram.


  • Glimpses of Grace – Lutheran Women’s Missionary League  of Canada’s resource for young adults who would like to be strengthened in their Christian faith. Find many devotions and other resources on this site to encourage you in your Christian life.


  • Lutheran Laymen’s League – The Lutheran Laymen’s League of Canada assists in telling the Good News of Jesus Christ by creating, distributing and promoting resources through various media and equips Christians for outreach.

Our media messages, known collectively as Lutheran Hour Ministries, tell people wherever they are about the love of God and His plan for them.