Student AID

Student Aid Applications 2017


Regulations governing the administration and implementation of Student Aid


The purpose of the Committee is to make available financial assistance to men and women of the District who have the desire, talents and willingness, but require additional financial resources to prepare for full-time service in the Synod.


  • a) Financial assistance from the Student Aid Fund is limited to students who are preparing for full time church work in Synod and who have indicated this intent by signing and submitting a Student Aid Agreement “Declaration of Intent” to enter full-time LCC/LCMS Church Work. In general, students applying for student aid are encouraged to attend a synodical school. Student aid for seminary students will be limited to students attending a synodical seminary. Unless exceptional circumstances warrant it, student aid will not be given for the vicarage year.
  • b) No application for student aid shall be considered unless the institution to be attended has approved that student’s enrollment application.
  • c) Student aid will be granted for one school year at a time. Therefore, a new application must be filed for each year in which assistance is required.
  • d) All applicants must hold communicant membership in a member congregation of the Central District.
  • e) Students who are receiving aid and who then transfer their communicant membership to a parish in another District will continue to receive support for a maximum of seven years after they have transferred from a member congregation.
  • f) Student aid is not available for summer school sessions.
  • g) Student aid is available beginning with the college or university level. No assistance will be made available for high school students or post-graduate work.
  • h) When situations arise which are not clearly spoken to by these regulations, they shall be presented to the Executive Director and/or Board of Directors for judgement and decision


  • a) All assistance shall be given in the form of repayable awards to the students and are only to be repaid by the student if he/she does not enter full time church work immediately after graduation. Repayment shall also apply according to the circumstances outlined in paragraph 5 a) below.
  • b) Student Aid will be given on the basis of financial need and availability of funds. The maximum amount available to a student in any academic year is $2,750 for a seminary student and $2,250 for other students. Additional funding for students with children of $500 for the first child and $250 for each additional child is available. These figures will be subject to review by the Board of Directors.


It is assumed that the recipient of a repayable award shall:

  • a) Take advantage of every opportunity to earn as much as possible toward his/her education expense, especially during the summer months.
  • b) Pursue every other source for financial assistance (Local congregations, gifts, scholarships, etc.) so that the request from the District may be kept as low as possible.
  • c) Apply himself/herself diligently to the necessary study required and maintain an academic standard in keeping with one’s talents and abilities. The Committee shall consult with the proper administration officials concerning the student’s scholastic ability, achievement, conduct and attitude.
  • d) Enter the service of the church immediately after completion of his/her studies.
  • e) Keep the District informed as to any “leave of absence” discontinuation of studies, transfer of communicant membership, or any other circumstances which might have a bearing on the granting or continuation of support.


  • a) Student aid granted by the District shall be repaid to the District in full by annual payments of not less than $1,000, with an annual interest charge of 6% per annum should any of the following circumstances arise:
    • 1) The Student is expelled from school.
    • 2) The student is dismissed for failure in academic work.
    • 3) The student is careless and irresponsible in the management of his/her finances.
    • 4) The student, after completing his/her studies, refuses to accept placement of the profession trained, or is not recommended for placement by the institution from which he/she has graduated.
    • 5) The student discontinues preparation for full time service in the church.
  • b) When situations arise that are not clearly spoken to by these regulations, they shall be reviewed by the Executive Director and, if necessary, presented to the District Board of Directors.
  • c) Collection of Funds on repayment will be the responsibility of the Executive Director of the Central District.


  • a) Complete the Application Form in duplicate as directed. The Student Aid Agreement “Declaration of Intent” and Application for Student Re-Payable Award will be completed by Applicant and given to the Applicant’s pastor. Please note that the co-signer cannot be the spouse of the applicant (First Party).
  • b) Applicant’s pastor will complete the Form: Pastor Approval for Student Aid and submit all forms to the Chairman of Student Aid.
  • c) All applications must be sent in to the District by August 15th if they are to be considered for the fall term, unless valid reasons are given why the deadline could not be met.
  • d) Notice of acceptance will reach the student on or about the 15th of September.
  • e) Confirmation of a student’s acceptance to the college, university or seminary must be received by the District before any funds are released. A “Permission to Release Information” form must be completed by Applicant once the application has been approved.
  • f) The cheques shall be paid jointly to the student and the educational institution, which he/she is attending.


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